Case Study #1: Food Production Company

Focusing on creating the most delicious, innovative and unique food

People can taste the difference in a product that’s handmade by humans who care about quality.

We bop to great beats as we churn out our products – Because happy people make the best food.   

Grinding,  churning, sterilizing the bottles, then filling and labeling the jars with love.. All these bits add to a constant background hum. We’ve built enclosures to reduce the sound, but still hit borderline unsafe noise levels. It means we have to raise our voices to communicate, and we want to make sure that our employees are 100% safe from any noise risk exposure. 

Tackling impact noise. An "impact noise" peaking at 124 dB from when they poured bottle caps into the feeder was identified as unacceptable, since 15 seconds of exposure at 124 dB can result in hearing loss. Since 120 dB is the hearing threshold of pain, we decided that we had to do something about it. White Cat proposed a simple solution - A food grade silicone mat to pad the bottom of our hopper. This successfully dampened the impact noise by more than 10 dB, making it an easy, affordable, practical and effective solution for us.

Our staff are worth it. The company chose to trial the acoustic filtered hearing protection for 2 weeks. Their staff now use White Cat's acoustic filtered hearing protection without prompting, recognising that it's too loud to operate without them. The team experiences less work fatigue, while retaining great communication. They now also play background music at lower volumes because they can afford to enjoy music clarity with their earplugs on, and frequently purchase new earplugs for new employees as they expand.

Reduced Impact Sounds

A $50 solution that reduced impact sounds by 10 dB 

Increased Productivity

Less noise fatigue and improved communications at safer volumes for all staff

Safer Music Volumes

Bopping to the beat at safe, enjoyable volumes without disrupting staff outside the production area