Need Safe Construction?

White Cat Ear Filters

Achieve noise compliance. Communicate safely.
Focus on quality builds.

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Hear The Difference


Dangerous noise levels risk hearing loss, and negatively impacts your mental and physical health


Foam earplugs muffles sound, and makes communication difficult


White Cat Industrial Ear Filters lower your environment's volume, helping you focus on quality builds


White Cat Impact Ear Filters cuts out sharp impulse noises, making it safe and comfortable to be onsite all day

Achieve Compliance. Safely.

It is often difficult to avoid noise on construction sites.

Noise levels for construction and building activities often range between 91-105dB. This means you have between 15 minutes and 2 hours of work before you risk tinnitus or other noise induced hearing loss symptoms.

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Note:  Nail guns, riveters and drop hammers all produce impulse noise up to 150 dB, which can critically and permanently damage hearing instantly.

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2 Affordable Options


White Cat Industrial Ear Filters

White Cat Industrial Ear Filters reduce your general sound exposure by 27 dB, making it safe for you to work an 8 hour shift in a 110 dB environment, while still allowing you to communicate and hear your surroundings.

If you don't have heaps of impact noise, this is the option for you.

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White Cat Impact Ear Filters

White Cat Impact Ear Filters reduce your general sound exposure by 12 or 19 dB, making it safe for 8 hours continuous use in any environment up to 100dB.

Its patented impulse filter technology kicks in at 110 dB, providing additional protection when you’re exposed to sudden impact sounds.

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Filter, don't block!

Hearing keeps you connected with your environment.

When you try to block out sound, you are blocking out information - isolating yourself from your surroundings and warning signals. 

Builders are often over protected through the use of protection that reduces too much sound, reducing their situational awareness and personal safety. Because noise is intermittent, builders often forget to wear hearing protection until they have been exposed to damaging noise levels.

Where possible, always try to  filter sound, instead of blocking it out.

White Cat Ear Filters have a fine, high-precision mesh that filters sound, giving you amazing clarity at a comfortable volume.  

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Look after your mental health

Constant exposure to noise contributes to exhaustion, increased anxiety, headaches, and poor productivity. 
Invest in your ears. Your brain will thank you.

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Unbelievable Comfort

Every ear is as unique as a thumbprint.

Because the fit and seal of your ear filters are vital to your safety, we ship out every kit with 4 different eartip sizes. 

When you refresh your earplugs, just order the size that fits you best and you'll save $30 off your new kit. Sweet as!

100% Acoustically Tested

Every single White Cat filter is factory tested before it's sent out to you to make sure that it meets the acoustic filtering standards that we promise.

Yes, that's not cheap, but we are unwilling to compromise on your sound quality and protection.
Your ears are worth it.


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Affordable relief at 25¢/33¢ a day

That's cheaper than foam earplugs!

Your ears are sensitive, so we only supply tips in high-grade medical silicone to ensure your safety and comfort. These can easily be used for a year*

Save money. Save the environment. What a combo!

*We recommend changing your ear filters every 6 to 12 months for maximum clarity