Going hunting?

White Cat Ear Filters

Be safe. Hear nature. Maintain situational awareness.

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Hear The Difference

(Warning: Turn down your speaker volume!)


Dangerous noise levels put you at risk of hearing loss and tinnitus


Foam earplugs muffles sound, and isolates you from your surroundings


White Cat Impact Ear Filters lower your environment's volume, helping you focus on things that matter

Be safe.

Hearing keeps you connected with your environment.

Gunshot sounds averages 140 dB to 190 dB.
A single exposed shot puts you at immediate risk of permanent hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears), as well as hyperacusis and high blood pressure.

Originally developed for the military and in use by NATO Forces and tactical response units, White Cat Impact Ear Filters offer optimum protection against impulse sounds like gunfire whilst mainting your situational awareness.

Our ANSI IPIL certified patented impulse filter technology kicks in at 110 dB, and protects your ears for impulse noise of up to 166 dB.                

White Cat Shooting Ear Filters

Filter, don't block!

Hearing keeps you connected with your environment.

When you try to block out sound, you are blocking out information - isolating yourself from your surroundings and warning signals. 

Where possible, always try to  filter sound, instead of blocking it out.

White Cat Ear Filters have a fine, high-precision mesh that filters sound, giving you amazing clarity at a comfortable volume.  

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Look after your mental health

Constant exposure to noise contributes to exhaustion, increased anxiety, headaches, and poor focus. 
Invest in your ears. Your brain will thank you.

Turn down the noise.

Don't shut life off completely.
Plugging your ears when it's not dangerous volumes increases your risk of depression and hypersensitivity to noise. 
Live life at a comfortable volume.
Focus on what matters without isolating yourself.  

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Unbelievable Comfort

Every ear is as unique as a thumbprint.

Because the fit and seal of your ear filters are vital to your safety, we ship out every kit with 4 different eartip sizes. 

When you refresh your earplugs, just order the size that fits you best and you'll save $30 off your new kit. Sweet as!

100% Acoustically Tested

Every single White Cat filter is factory tested before it's sent out to you to make sure that it meets the acoustic filtering standards that we promise.

Yes, that's not cheap, but we are unwilling to compromise on your sound quality and protection.
Your ears are worth it.


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Affordable IMPACT relief at 33ยข a day

That's cheaper than foam earplugs!

Your ears are sensitive, so we only supply tips in high-grade medical silicone to ensure your safety and comfort. These can easily be used for a year*

Save money. Save the environment. What a combo!

*We recommend changing your ear filters every 6 to 12 months for maximum clarity