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How can sound hurt you?  What does New Zealand's law have to say about noise? How can we protect our hearing? Here, we share tips, tricks, and ways to help us conserve our hearing, so you can enjoy hearing beautiful sounds for life.

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Personal Hearing Protection in our noisy world

Hearing protection should be our last resort, but we often can't control the environments that we live in.

Get the best hearing protection that lets you keep enjoying conversations and music.

Live your life at a comfortable volume.

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Join us in spreading the word about protecting our hearing.

Some of our featured Protectors include musicians, swim coaches, audiologists, and Hearing Associations around the country. 

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Sound Health

How can sound hurt you? When is it dangerous? Should I ignore annoyance noise?

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Personal Protection

Take control: Protect your mental and physical health. Discover the difference between different types of hearing protection, and how to identify the best for yourself.

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Why White Cat Earplugs?

We choose quality. Because you deserve to hear for life. Here's why we're different.

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We live in a noisy world.

1 in 4 people today suffer from hearing impairment. While some of this cannot be prevented due to genetic or medical reasons, noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. 

We hope that White Cat Hearing Conservation will be a useful, ever-growing resource that will help make environments safer so that we can enjoy the beautiful sounds around us longer.

Have a white cat and want to know what the chances are that they're deaf? Here are some stats

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