Almond Oil

Pure almond oil that's safe, helps soothe your ear canals and soften earwax. Reduced rubbing for new users, all users will benefit from increased sealing of the mould in the ear canal. Package contains a 25ml dropper bottle of almond oil.

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Increased comfort. Better seal

Some of us have dry ears. That makes inserting anything  into your ears - even medical grade silicone - itchy and irritable. 2-3 drops of oil soothes that itch quickly and effectively, and provides a much better seal for your earplugs. 

If you have thick, sticky earwax, let a couple of drops sit in your ear canal while you watch a YouTube clip. Since earwax is oil-based, a couple of drops of oil helps dissolve the wax! Don't forget to hydrate - that helps too ;)

Don't fret. We got your back.

Psst! You don't need to use almond oil. Olive oil (not extra virgin - it's too thick) works just as well. This just comes in a dropper bottle for your convenience!