Sleep Sound(ly)

...and block out your partner's snoring

We've got some bad news. No earplug is ever going to be able to completely block out your partner's snoring. Like a freight train. Or a buzz saw. Or like Darth Vader wheezing through his life support. That's because sound is vibration, and that grating rasp of your partner getting their blissful rest is not just reaching your through your ears, but traveling through your bones and every fiber for the sole purpose of sending you straight to hell. 

But do you really want to block out every whisper at night? That means missing your alarm clock, the ring of an emergency call, or worse, your smoke alarm warning your that real danger is at hand. 

No, you just want to finally catch some zzz's so you can function normally the next day.

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Here's what you can do to get some peace

  1. Identify what kind of snorer they are
    This great link helps you to figure out what the root cause of the snoring might be. New Zealand also has a number of sleep clinics - one of the most extensive being WellSleep by the University of Otago - to help you find out why your partner is snoring. Identify the cause, and if you can treat it, both you and your partner might have a much better rest.

  2. Isolate yourself
    Sleep in different rooms. Remember, the amount of sound pressure doubles every time you halve the distance to the source. If that's not an option, even a well positioned pillow or acoustic panels to absorb some of the sound can help to slightly improve the situation. 

  3. Grab some plugs
    Listening to your partner's snore not only prevents your from getting a good night's sleep, but can also increase your high blood pressure and even trigger tinnitus. If you're traveling with a snorer that you can't chase away, this is probably your only option. We're biased, but we recommend White Cat Living Earplugs (27dB). They're acoustic filtered, meaning you'll still be able to hear your alarm and any warning signals, but that jackhammer-like snore will be muted. In some cases (like that annoying clicking sound at the end of a relatively tolerable rumble), it might even solve the issue completely. Because White Cat Earplugs come in 4 eartip sizes to offer a comfortable, snug, fit, your earplugs won't fall out in the middle of the night. In fact, you might not even notice they're there the next morning.

Remember, it's just as important to not overprotect from sound. That causes isolation, which can lead to depression. It can also cause hypersensitivity to sound, making other everyday sounds intolerable to the person overprotecting themselves. 

Don't resort to locking yourself in a Victorian sensory-deprivation tank like Sherlock Holmes to get your rest. Talk to us if you're still facing issues. We won't snort. 

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